Saturday, March 14, 2009

Minutes for 03/14/2009

Today was the first meeting of CLAW.

Only... nobody showed up.

So, Amber and I decided to cancel after 30 minutes and postpone the official FIRST meeting until 03/28/2009. At that time we'll discuss some aspects that Amber and I threw together.

We decided that the meetings will go as follows:
  1. Announcements/Introductions
  2. Critique of last time's pieces
  3. Activity/Talk
  4. Distribution of new stuff for next time
Additionally, we're throwing around the idea of e-mailing your works to each other electronically (if you draft it electronically, that is), and want to gage the desire of other individuals to do this (since otherwise, you'd have to print out your story and make enough copies for everyone you'd want critiquing your work).

So, please, come next time. Look at the calendar to see when it is, or check out the other posts (the important ones are tagged). Feel free to comment here or e-mail me ( for more information.