Sunday, May 31, 2009

Minutes From 05/23/2009

Sorry these are late. I was really, really, really busy.

Attendees: 2.

  1. Some people are unable to come to the 2nd Saturday meetings due to another group meeting at that time. It was suggested that the 2nd Saturday meeting be moved to the 1st Saturday. I considered this, but in the end decided against it, as then there would usually be back-to-back meetings (1st then 4th, except on months with a 5th)
  2. There was a mention of CLAW in the latest BAWL ( newsletter
  3. Local Barnes & Noble ( hosts a gamut of writers groups. These may be places to announce existence of CLAW
  4. Local Coffee Oasis ( hosts poetry readings with featured poets. This too may be a good place to announce existence of CLAW
  5. There is an Alvin writer's group (name?) that hosts Spring and Fall writing workshops
  6. RhymeZone ( is an excellent resource for poets
  7. We read Ann's piece (though I cannot remember the title at this time)\
  8. The Writer's Market ( provides a listing of various markets, for those who need help finding them. I personally use Ralan (, which appeals more to writers of speculative fiction

Action Items:
  • Jacob needs to put in face time with the other local writing/poetry groups. Too bad Jacob is really busy!