Sunday, October 10, 2010

Pre-Meeting Sharing?

At our last meeting, we discussed whether anybody would be interested in sharing their stuff electronically about a week prior to the next meeting with other members, so that we could spend more of our meeting time discussing critique.

Does anybody have anything to contribute to this? I'm thinking that this should be voluntary to be both a reviewer and a sharer, since some people don't like reading electronically, and other people don't like not having control of the copies of their work.

For this system to work, I think there needs to be two things, besides a willingness to participate: (1) You should give what you take (that is, try to balance your sharing and your reviewing), and (2) You should not under any circumstances redistribute another person's work. Both these would be on the honor system.

I'm interested if anybody has any thoughts on the matter. We're trying a pilot project currently, and will discuss it with the meeting as a whole.

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